Amazing World Of Music
Piano Lessons
* By Piano Teacher in West Hollywood Tatyana Bulgakova

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Welcome to my class, I am looking forward to introducing you to the Amazing World of Music.

Emotional expression through the language of music.
the different styles of music and it's connection
to the world of Art.

Feeling comfortable reading music and performing.

Meaning: Confidence when sharing knowledge of Music & Art.

Piano Lessons: By appointment only.

All Levels - Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
All Ages - Kids, Adults.

** • Music Theory ******** • Rhythm
** • Music Literature ***** • Sight Reading
** • Music Notation *** *** • Playing by Ear
** • Art of Music ****** ** * • Repertoire

Free introductory first Lesson for new students.

Feel free to contact me for information and to schedule your piano lessons.

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