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About me

I am a classically trained piano teacher with over 25 years of experience teaching students on all levels and of all ages in the United States and abroad. I possess a Masters Degree as a Music Teacher from Dragovich University in Russia, and I also have a degree in child psychology, I am also a member of the Music Teachers Association of California {MTAC}.

I currently offer piano lessons in West Hollywood and select cities within greater Los Angeles, California.

My goal is to teach music in a way that each student feels encouraged and special. I have the ability to understand students of assorted age groups and cultures. I provide my students with musical abilities and tools to enable them to play piano with simplicity and delight. I offer piano instruction in private, partner or group sessions.

My students receive instructions, preparatory exercises and
assignments based on a curriculum tailored to the learning
preferences of each student.

The musical knowledge I share with my students helps them become functional musicians whether they would like to develop into professionals or amateurs that would like to share their love of music with friends and family.

Feel free to contact me for information and to schedule your piano lessons.

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